Using the command line to "block a release" from progressing down the life-cycle


We’re using DDD, and as a results, we have almost 40 individual projects to be deployed at any given time.

I’ve using Powershell and the Octo.exe so far to automate:

  • Initiate a release of each project to the automated testing environment
  • Initiate a promotion of all releases on one environment to another i.e. test->staging

However, I want to be able to use the “Block Release” feature in a similar bulk fashion.In that I want to block “all” of the releases on any given environment.

I don’t need anything too fancy, just the ability to say

“Project 1” on “Test” -> Block.
“Project 2” on “Test” -> Block.

“Project 35” on “Test” -> Block.

This is just to prevent someone else down the pipeline from pulling a bad release up to their environment.



Hi Matt,

Thanks for reaching out. Such feature currently doesn’t exist on Octo.exe and its not on our immediate plans to add it. I wrote this quick Powershell snippet that should help you use the block feature using the REST API.

Hope that helps!