User who initiated a deployment is not propagated to Deploy A Release

I have a project X in which one of the steps is the Deploy A Release step, deploying a release of project Y.
When a user deploys project X, I can see the username in the Task History, at least for some actions:

However, in project Y all actions are listed with “system” username:


This makes it very difficult to track why project Y was deployed and by who. Can it please be fixed so that user-initiated actions are always attributed as such?

Version 2019.5.12 (cloud).

Hi Jakub,

I apologize for the delayed reply.

Your request sparked an interesting discussion in our team. We certainly understand why this would be useful.

I’m going to propose an alternative solution. Rather than changing the user, would it work for you if we added to the event description a link to the parent deployment?

So for example, an event

Deployed Acme release 2019.2.4 to Dev

would become

Acme release 2019.2.4 deployed to Dev by My Bundle Project release 1.0.0

(where My Bundle Project release 1.0.0 would link to the actual parent deployment)

We prefer this approach, because we feel it is more accurate (technically system is the user) and hopefully gives the desired result.

Let us know what you think?


Hi @Michael_Richardson,

Thanks for getting back to me. What you propose would work for me and I really like this proposal, because it not only addresses the “who”, but also the “why” a given project was deployed.