Use Pooling Tentacle Over Internet in different Subnet

HI Team,

We need to Create Pooling Tentacle and deploy to machine that aren’t on the same subnet or connected via VPN, so its purely over http/https, our security team also not allowing us to Open Port 10493 on Octopus Server since its different Subnet. Please suggest the way to resolve this problem.

Vinod Deo

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m afraid that without opening the TCP Port 10943 on the Octopus Server side, there won’t be a whole lot of options for communication. If you’re comfortable with opening TCP port 10933 on the Octopus Tentacle side, you could try using Listening Tentacles instead. I believe one other option which may be worth exploring is to try using Polling Tentacles over WebSockets

The documentation here has a lot of information on this mode of communication. Here, you can essentially configure the Tentacle traffic to work over HTTP/HTTPS as opposed to TCP Port 10934. It comes with some caveats as explained in the docs, but I’m quite sure this might be able to help you!

I look forward to hearing if this suggestion works for you!

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