Upload package to build in repo by curl

Hi Team,

we are pushing the package to the octopus in build repository with the mentioed command which is working successfully but can you please let us know how to add the description during upload package by this as description section showing null.

curl -X POST https://demo.octopus.com/api/packages/raw -H “X-Octopus-ApiKey: API-YOURAPIKEY” -F “data=@Demo.1.0.0.zip”

please suggest.

HI @om.joysaha,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’m unsure what you are referring to as the description section. Is this the build information or release notes perhaps?


Hi Paul,

We want to add the release note and description in it while upload the package.

Ok, so that is handled separately from the package upload as described in the links in my previous message. Typically, the easiest way is to use our plugin for Jenkins, TeamCity, or Azure DevOps to handle all of these steps.

If it isn’t possible to use those plugins, then this blog post details how to manually push build information to Octopus: https://octopus.com/blog/manually-push-build-information-to-octopus

Once the build information has been added to Octopus, you would then need to create the release notes template within the project.


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