Unable to deploy Helm Chart using the Built in Step template

Hi ,
I’m trying to deploy a Helm chart to Azure AKS Cluster using a Built in Step Template ‘Upgrade a Helm Chart’ in Octopus Deploy. I have created an Octopus target to connect to the Azure AKS cluster & Configured the helm feed etc. But, when trying to deploy the chart to AKS cluster, octopus throws an error saying
“The variable Octopus.Action.Kubernetes.ClusterUrl is not provided.” Even though Octopus uses the Deployment target to connect to AKS service.
The same template was working fine with other deployments earlier. Can anyone help me sort out this issue?

Hi shashireddy4436,

Welcome to the Octopus Deploy community.

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you’ve encountered this issue with deploying a Helm chart.

Can I ask which version of server you are running? We’ve observed this type of behavior in earlier versions of Octopus Server however 2020.1 appears to have resolved this problem.

You mentioned the same template was working fine with other deployments earlier. Can you please provide me with the deployment process JSON for both a previously working deployment and the failing deployment? I’ve created a secure upload link here for you to send those files through to me.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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Hello Lauren,

We are using Octopus Version 2021.1. Also, I have uploaded the JSON in provided link.


Hi Shashi,

Thanks for the info. We’ve had a look at your deployment process. There are definitely a few differences between the templates for the “App-Helm-Deploy” step. One of the major differences is that within your successful deployment, you have provided YAML values directly in the step template, you also used the built-in server as opposed to a worker in the worker pool.

The reason I point these two differences out, is because the JSON files that you have provided are only loosely comparable and we don’t have all of the information that we need to solve this immediately.

Saying that, I’m sure we can still get to the bottom of this issue if we tackle the error in front of us…

The error your receiving is related to the variable:

In your working examples, where do you set this variable?
Is it a project variable or in a variable set or a file?

If you were to set “Octopus.Action.Kubernetes.ClusterUrl” in your project variables, does that step succeed?

If you wanted to, you could print out your evaluated variables via this process: How to turn on variable logging and export the task log - Octopus Deploy

or simply use the “Preview” option in the variables section of your Project.


We can dive deeper once you get that information back to us.

Thank You


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