Timeout on deployment to polling tentacle from cloud server


I’ve been setting up deployments on our cloud instance - https://alphatec.octopus.app/ but some of our packages are a little large and result in timeouts.

I’d prefer to use a listening tentacle, but at this point in time, I’m not in a position to get the listening tentacle port through our firewall so I’m stuck with a polling tentacle. We also use IP white listing on the production server and I gather that the cloud instance IP address is not static.

I’ve read about changing the Halibut internal timeout limits - but this expects me to have access to the server’s config file - which I don’t in a cloud instance.

Please advise how to proceed.

Hi Darryl,

Thanks for getting in touch and my apologies for the delayed response.

We do not yet support static IP addresses for octopus cloud instances. The IP address is “sticky”, meaning it will stay fixed while the instance is running. If the instance gets restarted or replaced then a new IP address will be assigned. Unfortunately this may cause some pain with your whitelisting.

Regarding the timeouts you are experiencing, we will increase the Halibut.PollingRequestMaximumMessageProcessingTimeout setting for your instance during your next available maintenance window.