The resource 'variableset-LibraryVariableSets-xxxx' was not found

In most of our project we use variablesets. However on some projects we are getting the issue all of a sudden (possibly after update) that we are not able to deploy or create new releases.
We have tried to unlink the variable set from the project but still the same issue.
Updating variables isn’t possible aswell, same error.

We are running on 2020.5.5.

Any ideas?

Hi @Dho_Jo,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support.

I hope you don’t mind, I have a few clarifying questions:

  • Are you seeing this with just the one variable set?
  • Did this occur immediately after updating or was it noticed later?
  • What version did you upgrade from?
  • When did you perform the upgrade?

Let me know at your earliest convenience.


We upgraded last januari from 2019.13 (i think) but only noticed the issue now.
This is the case for at least 6 variablesets right now (might be more).

We just found the issue and solution by using the API and checking which variableset are present there.

When we checked the properties we found the following:

"IncludedLibraryVariableSetIds": [

Our guess is that during the update something went wrong and not all variable ID’s were set properly.
We fixed it by sending a PUT call to the project where we fixed the last variablesets name.

All seems to work fine now.
We will use this solution for all affected projects.

Hi @Dho_Jo,

Thank you for getting back to me.

Using a PUT call via the API is the preferring method to correct resource 'XXX' was not found errors as this prevents us from having to manually update the db.

I’m glad to hear this is working for you. However, if you do come across one that cannot be corrected via the API, we’ll likely need a copy of the SQL db in order to recommend a query to fix.

If I can assist with anything else, please let me know.


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