TFS release notes not being created

This morning at 10am our tfs agents automatically downloaded the latest octopus cli:
Attempting to contact to find Octopus CLI tool version latest

However, since then the release notes .md is no longer being generated by the cli resulting in the cli failing to create a release.

SystemVssConnection exists true

cbfebccd-0239-4350-91ef-962b7df0d455 exists true

Attempting to contact to find Octopus CLI tool version latest

Checking local tool cache

Found tool in cache: octo 7.3.3 x64

Looking for d:\NewBuilds\Agent1_work_tool\octo\7.3.3\x64*octo.dll,d:\NewBuilds\Agent1_work_tool\octo\7.3.3\x64*Octo.dll

Prepending PATH environment variable with directory: d:\NewBuilds\Agent1_work_tool\octo\7.3.3\x64

Environment = TfsVersionControl

Comments = true, WorkItems = true

Adding changeset comments to release notes

adding work items to release notes

Release notes:

Changeset Comments:

Work Items:

C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /D /S /C “d:\NewBuilds\Agent1_work_tool\octo\7.3.3\x64\octo.cmd create-release “–project=Document Template API Service” “–releaseNumber=” “–server=http://deploy/” “–apiKey=***” --enableServiceMessages “–releaseNotesFile=d:\NewBuilds\Agent1_work\4145\s\””

d:\NewBuilds\Agent1_work\4145\s>dotnet “d:\NewBuilds\Agent1_work_tool\Octo\7.3.3\x64/octo.dll” create-release “–project=Document Template API Service” “–releaseNumber=” “–server=http://deploy/” “–apiKey=***” --enableServiceMessages “–releaseNotesFile=d:\NewBuilds\Agent1_work\4145\s\”

Unrecognized command arguments: --releaseNotesFile=d:\NewBuilds\Agent1_work\4145\s\

This error is most likely occurring while executing octo as part of an automated build process. The following doc is recommended to get some tips on how to troubleshoot this:

Exit code: -1

Error: The process ‘d:\NewBuilds\Agent1_work_tool\octo\7.3.3\x64\octo.cmd’ failed with exit code 4294967295

Failed to deploy release The process ‘d:\NewBuilds\Agent1_work_tool\octo\7.3.3\x64\octo.cmd’ failed with exit code 4294967295

Hi Mark,

​Thanks for getting in touch!

​There was a minor issue with this version of the CLI. We are in the process of releasing 7.3.4 that should rectify the problem.

​Apologies for the inconvenience.




Hi Paul,

version 7.3.4 has resolved our issue on tfs. Thank you for getting that patched so quickly. Saved me needing to update all 600 build definitions.

kind regards,


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