Tentacles Not Executing Tasks

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We have custom health checks that run on all nodes in an instance. Most nodes run without issue, but occasionally nodes simply don’t run any part of the check and hang the entire process for days if we don’t catch it. It also hangs any deployments or other tasks until it is canceled.

For the overall Health Check task, the Task Log for the server(s) affected simply look like this:

These Tentacles also do not always fail these checks, after canceling one this morning, the next check ran without issue.

This is affecting tentacles on multiple Octopus instances.

Hi @bob.ready!

Sorry to see that you’re having issues with this, we did have some issues with this happening earlier in the year with the 4.x tentacle versions. The first step I would recommend would be upgrading the Tentacles on your deployment targets are updated to an up-to-date version (currently 5.0.5 - available from https://octopus.com/downloads), which contains the fixes.

If you would like to give this a try and let me know how this works out for you, and we can dig in further if this problem continues.

Thanks. We are running Tentacle version 4.0.5 for the most part. My Octopus server (2018.6.6 LTS) does not indicate that there are updates available for the tentacles.

Do I need to manually update the tentacles, or is there a way to push the tentacle updates?

Hi @bob.ready

Sadly, the “current” tentacle version is baked into each version of Octopus, so it will not prompt for upgrades for versions that came out after that release. This means that upgrades will need to be done manually, either via a direct MSI install (downloaded from https://octopus.com/downloads), or you can also install it via Chocolatey.

It may be worth doing the upgrade on a small subset of your targets, just to make sure that it will solve your issues, without investing a lot of operations time on the upgrades.

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