Teamcity use new octo.exe (Automatically select the best channel when creating releases)


We are using the teamcity plugin , but see that the version if teamcity plugin is: 3.3.6 ,

When will there be an update , so we can use this feature: Automatically select the best channel when creating releases with Octo.exe (

This was introduced in version 3.3.12 , when will that version be available for the teamcity plugin ?

Hi Patrik,

I had the same issue but solved it by computing my own “best channel” PowerShell scriptlet that I execute from the TC build using the exposed OctopusDeploy REST API.

I’m home now, but will post my solution for you tomorrow when I get into work!


Hi Patrik,

Thanks for getting in touch! The Team City version does not match the Octo.exe version, they aren’t kept in sync. But the latest release has the octo.exe version packaged within it.

Hope that helps!

@Vanessa , awesome! :slight_smile: Then I will try the new teamcity plugin version,

Was abit confused by the version numbers :slight_smile:

For posterity then… here’s how I solved this same issue by matching git branch name with the best match od channel (or default if none found) in a TeamCity Powershell Runner:

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: