Teamcity plugin v5 with support for Octopus Spaces needed

With the current (4.42.1) version of the Teamcity plugin, the documented –space command line parameter is rejected.

[22:35:14] Pushing packages to Octopus server
[22:35:14] Unrecognized command arguments: --space, newtons-apple

I see you have merget a pull request on January the 29th, which should solve this. But alas, I cannot find TC plugin v 5.0 anywhere.

When will this feature be released?

Hi @morten_faester

Sorry that you have run into our very much less than ideal current download experience.

By heading to our downloads page you can choose all of the fast lane versions of our tooling be selecting the blue Download 2019.2.1 download link, which will then also present the updated tools.

Sorry for the confusion here, we are working to improve this experience.


Thank you. And sorry I didn’t realise that; I have been downloading octopus server using that link since new year, so I should have realised this simple solution my self.


No problems, it isn’t very discoverable.

Happy deployments :slight_smile: