Tasks remain in queued

We have migrated to Octopus Cloud since running hosted Octopus for 2 years. Everything has been working perfectly until this morning.

As of today, all of our deploys are stuck in ‘queued’ state. We have cleared the queue and tried again - but no change.

Any advice?

Hey Paul,

Chris here from the Octopus Cloud team. Sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Octopus Cloud server. Do you mind if I log in to your server so that I can troubleshoot the issue further?

Hi Chris,
For sure, please logon and have a look

Hey Paul,

All sorted :slight_smile: Unfortunately there was a failed upgrade for your server during its maintenance window which left the node in drain mode. I have disabled drain mode and watched the task that was stuck in queued start executing so you should be all set now.

Hi Chris

Thats great ! Thanks for your help