Step Templates and Service Principles

I have several step templates that deploy services to Azure. We have always used a single Service Principle because we only needed one, now we need a service principle that connects to a different subscription.

How do I setup the Azure service principle as a variable so when we deploy to Dev it uses the DevSP and when it goes to UAT it uses our UAT SP?

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The way I would do this is to amend the Step Template Account field to a variable.
Then create a variable within a Library Variable Set of type Azure Account with the same name as the Parameter. This would then have two values, one scoped to Dev and one scoped to UAT.
Lastly, ensure that the Library Variable set is linked to any projects that use this Step Template.

Step template:

Library Variable Set:

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.


That’s perfect. That is close to what I was doing except I was trying to choose from the drop down instead of just typing it in. Thanks Paul

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