Static IP / IP range for cloud environment?

We have a firewall on our SQL server that only accepts certain IP addresses. We need to run some queries while deploying from our Octopus environment. Is there any way to either get assigned a static IP or is there a stable IP-range we can use for our cloud environment?

Hi @tijs.hendriks,

Static IP’s for Octopus Cloud is not currently available, however it is high on our list of improvements to make. At this stage we don’t really have a stable IP range either, as we are hosted on Amazon so the IP list ends up being half of the internet (slight exaggeration, but not far off).

Looking at our backlog of work I would guess that we should have this done in the next couple of months. Side effect of this being a brand new product for us unfortunately.

Hope that helps with your planning, let me know if there is anything else you need.


Thanks for the clarification and good to know it’s on the to-do list!