Specify Package Version from Deploy Package Step?


Each night we push the latest packages to Octopus and create an Octopus Release RC from our TFS Release Definition.

We specify the Release version and the package version to use.

We have to do this, as due to our TFS branching strategy, the release being generated may not always be the highest version.

This works perfectly, except that one of the packages used in the Octopus Release to deploy a website is not the specified package version, but rather a fixed version that never changes.

The result is that the step for this particular package fails as it cannot find the specified version.

Unfortunately the Deploy Package Step allows the Package ID to be set but not a fixed version. Ideally an optional version could also be set.

Could you please advise if this could be included, and for the time being, how best to get around this issue?


Thanks for getting in touch. Whilst the Create Release step in TFS doesn’t have a specific field to support it, there is another command line option to octo.exe that I think is what you’re after.

I assume you’re passing through the --packageversion option? That works well if all of the package versions match. You can also use --package=StepNameOrPackageId:Version to control the version of a specific package. You can specify this argument multiple times to control the versions for different packages. If you need any further details on the octo.exe CLI, please see here.

Hope that helps and let me know if I can assist further.


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