Solution proposal

I am walking through a solution to do CD with Octopus, but our deployment environment is a little complex.
Currently use Bamboo to do CI and generate zip, war etc. Tester download these package and generate Docker image and deploy them into Hyper-V virtual machine(Ubuntu).

please give us some suggestions how to deploy Docker and Hyper-V with Octopus and Bamboo? thanks

Hi David, thanks for reaching out.

Our recommendation is that Docker images be built by your build tool (Bamboo in this case) and pushed to a shared repository that can be accessed by Octopus. Octopus can then treat this shared repository as an external feed. has more information around how Docker repositories map conceptually to external feeds in Octopus.

Once the image is in a repository, Octopus can then be used to deploy it to a target machine. Given that you are running Ubuntu, this would be a SSH target. has documentation on how SSH targets can be configured in Octopus.

You can integrate Bamboo and Octopus using the Bamboo plugin, which is documented at

So at a high level the process would look like this:

  1. Build the artifacts (ZIP, WAR etc) in Bamboo
  2. Build and publish the Docker image in Bamboo
  3. Trigger a deployment in Octopus from Bamboo using the plugin.
  4. Octopus consumes the Docker image from the shared repository and deploys it to the targets.

Matt C

Thanks for your suggestion, it is very helpful for us.