Show if there are new releases in the Dashboard

I was wondering if it is possible (or could be added in the future) to have some icon, symbol, word, etc on the dashboard to show if there is a new release available for that environment for that project.

In our scenario, we are using channels and have several different environments.
We will be configuring one project to deploy the release of large number of other projects.
It would be ideal to be able to scroll down the dashboard (or maybe some other way) to verify that the latest release for that channel (that matches the channel release restrictions) has been deployed. Otherwise, either a) something’s wrong or b) we’ve updated code and need to run the main deploy project to bring everything up to the latest.

Hopefully that isn’t too vague, and maybe there’s other simple ways about knowing that information aside from creating a script to run through everything and provide that verification, though that’s not out of the question.

Thanks for your support!

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch and for explaining the scenario. This seems like a good idea, especially if you’re using channels.

You can see this information if you click into the project’s Overview screen (we leave a “Deploy…” button as a placeholder to let you know), but nothing like this is available to let you know on the main dashboard.

We’ve added this request to the existing Dashboard GitHub issue here as a comment so it doesn’t get forgotten.

You could also consider adding a uservoice suggestion. If your suggestion gets enough community support/votes, it will be more likely to be actioned sooner in a future version of Octopus.

Sorry there’s no easy solution at this time.


Thank you for the thorough response Mark!