Sharing artifacts from Bamboo

We have bamboo and octopus deploy setup. What we would like to do is this, we have package(sharepoint wsp) stored under bamboo artifacts and would like to push this artifacts to Octopus.


Thanks for the question.

I am a little unclear what you are trying to achieve because “package” and “artifact” mean two different this in Octopus.

Are you trying to push the package to Octopus so it can be deployed? Or are you trying to collect the package as an artifact in Octopus during a deployment?

Look forward to learning more about what you are doing.


Sorry for late reply got busy into some deliverables.

Let me elaborate it further,

Below are steps being taken in our build and release process.

  1.  Bamboo builds SharePoint Solutions
  2.  Bamboo Stores Artifacts which will be used by Bamboo for deployment

a. These artifact will be in the form of WSP. Wsp is specific to sharepoint. Hope you know details about it.

  1.  What we would like to do is push this wsp to Octopus for deployment.

For ASP .net solutions we are using octopac which works great but for SharePoint project we need some way to push wsp to Octopus.


Hi Ravi,

Thanks for elaborating. In order to push your WSP to Octopus you will need to package it as a NuGet or zip/tar/gzip. Are you able to add a step to Bamboo to take your WSP file and zip it? The file name should look something like:

Once the WSP file is packaged into a format that Octopus supports, you will need to push it to the Octopus package repository. You can do that in many ways as detailed here:

I hope this helps.