Setting up fresh Octopus hosted on clean AWS EC2


Trying to setup/install a fresh octopus. I have a new AWS EC2 with SQL and the install went fine.
I can access the octopus website locally from the server but not publically from the internet.

In AWS Console I have taken the Public DNS (IPv4) value and set Octopus server bindings to use it and I have the AWS security group allowing port 80.

Am I missing something dumb here?


Hey Andrew,

Thanks for checking out Octopus :slight_smile:

Thinking about your setup, two things come to mind.

  1. You mentioned that you’re allowing port 80 via your security group; is the inbound source
  2. Does your Windows firewall allow port 80?

Something else I’d recommend is not to set your binding to that public DNS record. That bit you masked with xxxx is the public IP address of your EC2 instance which changes when your EC2 instance is stopped and started (restarts are OK) and then your public DNS will change to suit. I’d recommend either assigning an Elastic IP (static IP) to your EC2 instance and then using an A record or adding an ELB and then using a CNAME so this problem won’t hit you in the future.

Hi Chris,

Yep it was the Windows firewall that I’d forgotten about, I opened port 80 and it’s all good. Now I’ve got it working I’m going to set stuff up and switch to https 443 asap. Thank you!

It would be quite helpful if the Octopus server manager could check the Windows firewall status.