Semantic versioning of packages

We use semantic versioning of packages in Octopus and we have a problem that Octopus thinks 1.0.0+9 is newer than 1.0.0+25. I assume because it parses the release number as a string. Is there a view to fixing this as we used the “Deploy a Release” step in octopus to create and release other child projects. however this doesn’t allow the package version to be specified and as such tries to select the “newest” which in this case is not the newest.

Hi @sabellis!

As per the Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 spec, Metadata (denoted by a +<string>) is ignored when determining version precedence. So Octopus sees them both at 1.0.0 and (generally) picks the first release it finds that matches the latest version.

I hope this clarifies how Octopus finds the “latest” package and will help you with your versioning scheme going forward!

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