Select specific deployment target for project

our development environment has multiple webservers. So i have configured it as:
Environment: Development
DeploymentTarget: WebServer1, TargetRole: web-server
DeploymentTarget: WebServer2, TargetRole: web-server
DeploymentTarget: WebServer3, TargetRole: web-server

We have multiple applications and each application has it’s own project created in Octopus. But our applications need to be deployed to specific deployment targets of the environment. So 2 project we always want to deploy to WebServer1, other 2 to WebServer2 and so on when deploying to Development environment. But Octopus as I understand always deploys to all deployment targets. I can change it manually when deploying release, but it has to be done everytime you deploy. If we will have lot of applications i can’t remember which application should be deployed to which web server. Is there any possibility to specify once in Octopus project that when i deploy it to Development environment, it should always deploy it to specific deployment target either by using octo.exe or through web portal?

Hi Jozef,

Thanks for getting in touch! You’re correct that Octopus will, by default, attempt to deploy to all targets that match the role scoped to the steps in that project.

The way to achieve your goal of having Projects only deploy to specific targets within the Development environment would be to amend the target roles assigned to the targets and used within the Process steps of each project.

Environment: Development
DeploymentTarget: WebServer1, TargetRole: web-server, project1-webserver, project2-webserver
DeploymentTarget: WebServer2, TargetRole: web-server, project3-webserver, project4-webserver

You would then need to amend the process steps within each project to target the new role.

Let me know if this works for you or if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,

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