Script to fix roles names generated before Bug 4004 was fixed?

Hi, unfortunately we had to add some additional roles while Bug 4004 existed. Now we have some roles which don’t confirm to our naming convention which included uppercase values. We would like to convert these role names for consistency. Could you guys provide a SQL script where could be used to update an existing role name in the appropriate locations?

4004 - Fixed a bug where new roles would always be added in lower case


Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately roles aren’t a first class concept in Octopus and they are simply embedded as strings all over the place. We are aware of this problem but for now this means that renaming roles globally is a tricky problem.

I understand that this is less than ideal but the safest option for now is to remove the old role and add the new role manually. Sorry about that.



Painful… but am grateful for the fast response.