Runbooks, variables and publishing

I’ve been working on converting a number of maintenance projects into runbooks contained in a single project. During the process I discovered that if any project variable changes, all of my runbooks have to be re-published. Although it makes sense (publishing appears to be a simpler version of creating a release), it would be really nice if there were a “publish all” feature. Just a thought.

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for getting in touch, and great question and idea. This has me intrigued as it might very well be a valid thing to consider implementing.

I’m wondering if using process-scoping for some variables to control which runbooks they apply to might address this, or at least mitigate the amount of work required. Or are these variables designed to apply to all? You could potentially script this mass-publishing by looping through each runbook in a project. I couldn’t find a script for this task specifically, but the link below might provide a template to build off of if you’re wanting to go that route.

Let me know what you think or if you have any further questions. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Ken. I’ll look into it.

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