Rolling deploy manual confirm step spam

Hey guys,

So I have this rolling deploy process that targets multiple machines at a time (window size of 10 or more)


We’d like to have this manual confirm step to proceed with starting our application’s healthcheck.
However, what I have found is the following -
occurs for every target in the deployment. This results in a lot of clicking…

Is anyone able to think of a way to achieve what we are after? i.e. ability to perform a rolling deployment to many servers in parallel with a manual confirm step that only occurs once for each window of machines?

Many thanks!

Hi @apolune,

Thanks for getting in touch, and welcome! Fantastic question, and one I went to set up locally to have a direct look and play with. Unfortunately I don’t believe there’s going to be any straight forward way to limit how many times these manual intervention steps are run which are causing this manual clicking once per machine.

The only potential solutions I can think of are:

  • move the manual intervention step out of the rolling deployment (which I imagine is certainly not ideal here),
  • write a custom variable run condition for the step to control how many times it’s run, which I imagine is also not a good solution since on the other machines the deployment would just run through the steps ignoring this intervention, or
  • (untested) you could possibly do this via an API script to approve/abort manual interventions in this project then run that as a script step after the manual intervention, so when you approve on one, it’ll run this script to approve the rest.

Let me know what you think, or if we can try to help moving forward. :slight_smile:

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