Repeated failed file transfer attempts while inactive on login screen


We’re using version 3.3.24 and have recently noticed an issue with the dashboard homepage while logged out. According to the Chrome tools, there are repeated attempts to access the following resources:

  • api/dashboard
  • api/serverstatus
  • octopus.min.js

Each attempt results in a 401 Unauthorized result. Unfortunately, this seems to get stuck in a loop and never stops! The net result is that if a user leaves a tab open at the login page, thousands of requests can be sent over the space of a day, which triggers a security alert.

The page which exhibits the problem is:


This is on an internal server and accessed via HTTP.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for getting in touch! We have changed things significantly over the last couple of years since we shipped Octopus 3.3.24, including a full rewrite of our HTML/JS UI. I would recommend upgrading your Octopus Server installation if possible, and we can work with you from that point if you see the same behaviour.

I do appreciate you taking the time to report the issue, thanks!

How are you finding Octopus meets your needs? Is there anything missing, or causing you friction?

Hope that helps!