Question about Target ROles

Hi, i have question about Target Roles.

For example i have one developer machine on Environment Development.
This machine have three instances the same application for test. App1, App2, App3.
I create three target Roles App1, App2, App3 and set varilables for the roles with different value.

When i create deployment step and select all three roles and Development environment this step execute only one on the first Role.
For example: my step must create folder on target machine. My Varilables set different path on machine depend on assigned roles. My step execute succesfully but only one role (in my case only first).

It is possible to execute this step on each role on the same target machine (in my case three times) ?

Thank you for reaching out.

As an alternative to using Roles to manage deployments of the same application to multiple instances you may want to consider Multi-Tenanted Deployments. Tenants were explicitly designed for managing deployments of the same application to multiple locations.

Multi-Tenant will allow you to use one Deployment process for all Tenants while using Variables to manage specific configuration requirements for each Tenant.

For example, in your case, create 3 Tenants (App1, App2, App3) and connect them to your Project. In your deployment step, you’d manage the deployment location by setting up a custom Install directory and using the Tenant Name Variable to construct the deployment directory.


Have a look at our documentation on Multi-Tenants Design patterns and let me know if your question or concerns.


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