Project with channels: Environment order in Main dashboard vs Project dashboard

This is mostly a UI environment consistency question/issue:

  • These are my environments and their, as defined per the Environments page.

  • I have a pair of projects each with two channels defined: Development based on the Development Pipeline and Main, based on the Production Pipeline. The lifecycle of the project itself is the Default Pipeline based on conventions.

  • The Development Pipeline consists of a single phase: Development/Internal-QA

  • The Production Pipeline consists of 3 phases: Integration/Internal-QA → QA-UAT → Production

  • The Default Pipeline consists of conventional phases: Development → Integration → Internal-QA → QA-UAT → Production

  • Now, in the main dashboard, the environments are listed in the desired order:

  • But in the project dashboard, the environments are listed in different order and this looks bad for deployers, as I would expect to have the Deploy button to right of the Development environments, which is in fact listed first in the main dashboard.

Hi Fernando

I’ve added a GitHub issue for us to investigate this one



I believe this is an issue again. I saw it in both 3.5.2 and 3.5.9 but don’t know when it originally popped up.

Hi @kkalitowski!

Thanks for reaching out! Would you mind share some screenshots of how your environments look like in both Dashboard and Project overview?


I think this was a misunderstanding on my part. I was thinking the order of environments on the dashboard would match the environments tab. In fact, they are matching the Lifecycle’s order of environments. My apologies, I don’t think there is a problem.

They should match the Lifecycle order, that’s right :slight_smile: