Project Export, Library Variable Set issue

Hi, I’m using Octopus Server 2021.1(Build 7500) and trying to export a project prior to moving to the cloud, but am running into this issue

The items you are exporting are not currently supported: Variables with the following scopes are not currently supported: Machine

We have some Library Variable Sets with a machine level target. I looked through the release notes and Variable Sets are supposed to be exported.

Will this be included soon ? It’s a bit of a deal breaker as most of our 50 or so projects include these.



Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The problem with machine scoping is that we have no way of ensuring that the deployment target will exist wherever the project is imported and that it is driven by the machine-id. This could result in broken variables, data inconsistency and even variables being scoped to the wrong deployment targets.
So, even if we carried those variables across to a new Space or Instance, you’d still have to go through each variable and fix the machine scoping and any that you miss could result in a major issue for a deployment.

Due to this, the safest option is to exclude them entirely.
The only way to include them would be to also include deployment targets which isn’t something that is within scope for this feature.


So from what you are saying, we would have to start all of our projects again from scratch ? We have over 300 tenants each with their own numerous project variables and I don’t really look forward to this task.

Could we have the ability to include the deployment targets and resolve them manually ? At the moment I don’t see a way of moving to the cloud.


You wouldn’t have to start the projects again from scratch.

The steps needed would be:

  • Remove the machine scoping from any relevant variables (making a note of them)
  • Perform the export/import
  • Create your deployment targets on the Cloud instance
  • Re-add the machine scoping to the relevant variables.

This was meant to be me trialling the use of the cloud. If I remove all of the machine scoping then the projects would no longer work for our server version.

Would it be possible to add a feature request to exclude machine scoped variables from the export ?

I have passed this along to the team working on this feature. It is only the first iteration, so, hopefully this is something that can be improved upon.

I feel that excluding these variables and then generating a report at the end detailing which variables were excluded and from where would give users the ability to still migrate and rectify the missing items in the simplest way possible.

Thank you. Hopefully it will be addressed in a future version

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