Please ship a nuget server with octopus

Unless I missed something there is a step in getting Octopus up and running which requires me to create and deploy a nuget server. While the instructions aren’t terribly hard to do it would seem logical to have the main octopus server also include a nuget feed so this step is unnecessary.


Sounds sensible to me. I also just set up a NuGet feed purely to pass into Octopus, and it would have been handy just to have a folder already setup as a NuGet feed within Octopus.

That said, I expect this NuGet server to be useful for lots of other things now I’ve gone through the trouble of setting it up. But still, +1 to this idea.

A good suggestion - in fact, the Octopus codebase already includes a little project called ‘Seaweed’ for this purpose. I’d love to do it.

Note that you can use a file share instead of NuGet.Server - a simple folder full of .nupkg’s accessed through e.g., \YourServer\Packages is a perfectly valid NuGet ‘feed’. I’ll add that to the documentation.


I’d like to revive this idea. I think it would fit very nicely with Octopus. I’m willing to help write it!

I’ve been using NuGet.Server for a few months and the performance is terrible. Using your existing RavenDB to store and index would be a huge win. See blog series by Ayende.

~ Paul

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