Peristent (spurious?) "Upgrade available" message on tentacles

I have just installed the Octopus.Tentacle.6.1.736-x64.msi on our 3 x AWS EC2 instances. They are all running Windows Server 2019 (Builds 17763.1158 and 17763.2061)

Even though this is the latest Tentacle download from the Cloud management console, the Deployment Targets page shows the message “Upgrade available” next to each of these targets. I selected “Update Calamari on Deployment Targets” from the ellipsis menu anyway and got a tick next to each target so it seems to have successfully upgraded them. However the “Upgrade available” message remains.

Hi Darren,

Thanks for getting in touch!

There is currently a known issue that is causing the Upgrade notification to appear incorrectly.

It is safe to ignore that for now, if calamari ever needs to be upgraded it does automatically perform this during a deployment too.


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Thanks for the confirmation. Great to see you have an Issues list on GitHub too. I know to check that in future.

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