Parallel push to Tentacles

Hi Paul,

I’ve just been sat for a while waiting for a deployment and thought ‘it would be nice if this was quicker’ - our platform takes about 8 minutes to deploy which isn’t by any stretch of the imagination unacceptable, however…

I thought that given the way our environment is configured it would be perfectly feasible for the deployment to our SQL box to be done in parallel to the deployment to the Web and Application boxes. This would obviously take a bit of thinking about, but I suspect could be really useful in larger deployment scenarios. Clearly this isn’t something for v1 but I’m thinking it could be a nice feature down the line somewhere?


Hi John,

You’re absolutely right, and Octopus is designed to support this. The tricky part is that multiple threads were creating very messy log files, so I never enabled the feature.

It’s funny you bring this up actually. Last weekend I was thinking about this and did some work to make it happen, so that multiple threads can produce log messages and the page displays them nicely. It’s just a prototype though so it will probably wait for a future release before being included.

I added a task for v1 to enable it to the backlog.

Out of interest, where is most of the 8 minutes spent?