Octopus with OpenShift

Hello Team

We are Running some POC with OpenShift :slight_smile:
We need please some explanations about the process and the steps required working with OpenShift Containers ? please if you can explain a bit about the the Pipe-Line.

Currently we working with OnPrem TFVC and Azure DevOps (CI Server) + Octopus extension installed on both of them (We don’t use octo command), which we use to pack and send the packages to octopus server.

Is there any documentation with “Step by Step” working with containers with ASP.NET core applications ?

With many thanks

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Hi Ofer,
Unfortunately at the moment we do not have any native support for Open Shift however as if you can script it, you can run it with Octopus as a run on script step.

Having said that, it sounds like in your build pipeline you are just constructing packages and hoping to use Octopus to build+deploy the containers. We recomend you create your containers once during the build phase (for each package release). Then your deployment pipeline, whether that be through Octopus or something else, can just take that same build artifact and run it in each of your environments. Rather than dealing with nuget or zip packages, Octopus then just deals with the container details and is able to pass through project variables as environment variables to be consumed by your ASP.NET application.

There a bunch of good sample docs on dockerizing a asp.net core app however unfortunately I\we have not had much experience with OpenShift yet and so couldn’t comment on any differences between the steps. I would be really keen to find out how you find using OpenShift and if this is an area we lack support for and there is user demand, then we are eager to add to our container feature set.

Apologies that I don’t have better response for your OpenShift question, although I hope you have found some of these comments useful.