Octopus Upgrade

Hi Team,

We would like to upgrade the Octopus with latest version,
so could you please help us here with providing latest feature and up-gradation document.

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Kalaikovan,

Octopus doing great here!

Check-out https://octopus.com/downloads/compare (e.g. https://octopus.com/downloads/compare?from=2018.4.0&to=2018.8.6).
Select your version and the latest Octopus version and you’ll see the diffrence.

According to upgrading documentation check-out this:


Thanks Franz,

But we are using Octopus 3.2.5 version, i am not able to compare this with latest version.
while comparing, i am not able see 3.2.5, it is showing 3.2.4 and 3.2.6 only.

please share the handy, it would be easy to go ahead if you have.

have a good day!!

Kalaikovan K

Hi @Kalaikovan,

Thanks for reaching out! 3.2.5 was pulled from release, which is why it no longer shows in that report. I would recommend using the page that Franz mentioned, but setting the starting version as 3.2.4 so you see all of the changes.

As for the upgrade process itself, I would recommend making sure you have a current backup of your Octopus database and master key, then downloading the latest MSI and performing an in place upgrade. The upgrade scripts will take care of the rest.

Any other questions please let me know!


Thanks Alex,

i would like to know the benefits of upgrading the Octopus version to latest, also i need your help to understand about the tenants. because currently we are using channels.

Thanks and regards,
Kalaikovan K

Hi @Kalaikovan,

The biggest benefits of upgrading (apart from the new features) is security and compatibility updates for newer systems and platforms. Octopus integrates with many products and we work hard to maintain a seamless experience with them, all the benefits of which are found in the latest versions of Octopus.

As for multi-tenancy, I would recommend that you read the original launch blog post as that explains the concept very well. We also have a Tenancy FAQ page, as well as our support page for Tenants.

Please let me know if you have any follow on questions, or if there is anything else that I can assist with.


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