Octopus listener not "hearing" update

I’m having trouble with one of my Projects. It’s stopped “hearing” when a Git repository has been updated. I’m not finding any error logs or messages to help me identify the underlying issue. It’s entirely possible I’m not looking in the correct places either. Can someone help point me in a direction? The person who configured this is on vacation and I’ve projects that I need to deploy. Good times. Thanks!

Hi Heather,
Thanks for getting in touch. Hope we can help you sort this out,

Initially I will point you to the docs for GitHub feeds which explains how our Github functionality works:

As far as I can make out, GitHub updates won’t trigger anything within Octopus. Typically Octopus pulls from the repo as part of a release process step. I would maybe examine your GitHub settings to see if some other function related to this has stopped working.

If you have some logs or other info (screenshots etc) for us to look into, happy to check if Octopus is supposed to be working in a specific way for you, but I would probably check GitHub first.

Let me know if we can help any further,

Kind Regards,

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