Octopus Cloud new instance administrators

I just created a new cloud account/instance and see my user was only added to “Octopus Managers” team. How do I get it added to “Octopus Administrators”? Seems like I have limited permissions as a manager …

Hi Tom,

Thanks for getting in touch!

You are correct, on Octopus Hosted you don’t have full administrative rights. Rather than re-writing what we’ve already written, here is the explanation from our Hosted team:

On your cloud instance there are a few select permissions that relate to the hosting of Octopus itself, and not so much the configuration/usability of your instance (e.g. server configuration logs), so we've introduced a new built-in team called "Octopus Managers": think of it as a "cloud-instance admin". The "Octopus Administrators" team is still present, but it's only used by our octoadmin account, and if you ask us to log in to your instance for support.

If you find there is something you think you ought to have access to as an "Octopus Manager", but don't, let us know and we can review the permissions.

If you have some time I would recommend reading the blog post that this excerpt came from, it has some really good information that you might find useful.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,


Thanks Alex!