Octopus and Linux

can you explain the exact nature of mono and calamari to me?

i wanted to connect directly to an ssh client and followed your support docs to transfer a package and the run a raw script. thats cool.
however i need to install libunwind and icu tools on my RHEL7 client before transfer a package will work.
Is it not just straight up sftp?

Hi Neil,

Thanks for getting in touch!

What you are seeing is the pre-requisites for Calamari, which is a .NET Core application that acts as our communications layer in Octopus. It is what is doing all of the deployment logic (i.e. script execution, file transforms and variable evaluations), so without that the usefulness of Octopus decreases substantially.

As Calamari is written in .NET Core, you need to be able to execute .NET code on the client, and this is what you are seeing with the requirements for either Mono (full .NET Framework for Linux clients) or the dependancies needed for .NET Core code to be able to run.

Having said all of that it is possible to connect via raw SSH and SFTP, we have documentation available on how to configure this type of connection.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else that I can assist with,


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