Octo.exe 3.4: 405 when creating release

When I run

octo create-release --channel “MyChannel” --version "1.2.3’ --packageVersion '‘1.2.3’ --server https://myoctopuseserver.com --apiKey

using octo.exe version 3.4, I get a 405. Executing with --debug, I see this:

POST https://myoctopuseserver.com/api/channels/rule-test
Error from Octopus server (HTTP 405):

The same ‘octo create-release’ command works with octo.exe 3.3. The user associated with the API key has “release manager” role.

We’re on octopus 3.3.22.

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for getting in touch! You’ve helped us find a compatibility problem with octo.exe 3.4.0 and Octopus Servers older than 3.4.x.

We’ve patched octo.exe to 3.4.1 and tested compatibility between a variety of server versions.

In Octopus 3.4 we now use HTTP POST to perform the Channel Version Rule tests so we can handle SemVer 2 version ranges. The problem was that octo.exe wasn’t falling back to use HTTP GET on older Octopus servers.

Hope that helps!