Multitenant deployment needed for different configurations?


I was looking into to having multiple tenants.

Is it correct of me to assume that if you want to deploy the same project to multiple targets that might use different configurations you should seperate those configuraitons into tenants?

For example we want multiple test sites using the same project but with different configurations, it might be some changes in web.config (windows login or normal forms login) or might be using a database which has different data and configuration.

As I have set up now, we have environments such as Development, Test, Acceptance, Prod.

And we have one tenant for our internal deployments before reaching any customers.

If we have the sites,,

Do I require to have one tenant per testX evironment if I want to configure them all different?

I guess using tenant tags would then be preferred to group them as “internal”.

Or is it possible with just using several deployment targets in the environment?

Just trying to get a good grasp, and not mess up my configuration.


Hi Johan,

Thanks for getting in touch! It sounds like you’re exactly on target. Tenants allow you a way to deploy multiple instances of the same project (separate configurations) to the same environment. Tenant-per-customer approach allows you to define customer specific configurations and control over which tenant/customer to deploy to (or a group of them via tenant tags). We have very comprehensive documentation on modelling your multi-tenanted architecture, and since it’s a very powerful feature requiring planning and set up, I’d suggest looking through this section. :slight_smile:

We also have a recent blog post (part of our series Will it Deploy?) which covers the configuration and implementation of a complex scenario in which multi-tenancy is utilized.

We’re also more than happy to help with any specific questions you may have moving forward, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Best regards,


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