Minor bug fix.... fa-spinner

Hey guys,

Every time I wait for a deployment, I get annoyed by the spinner. The animation should be stepped, not linear. Minimally, your CSS should be:

.fa-spin {
    -webkit-animation: fa-spin 1s infinite  steps(8);
    animation: fa-spin 1s infinite steps(8);

but you could to tweak it somewhat.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for getting in touch.

It’s funny, those new spinners have always annoyed me too, but I wasn’t able to pin-point why until now when you showed an alternative solution :slight_smile:

We agree with this change and will get it implemented in an upcoming PR.


I’m glad to have helped. Its a small thing, and I wouldn’t say i was getting furious, but I noticed it every time.

Of course, you’ve released the bear. I’ll have more contributions, i’m sure, now that I know you’re listening.