Migrating to New Server, custom icons not visible

I’m migrating our Octopus deployment to a new server, it all works fine apart from the custom icons we use for tenants will not resolve on the new instance.

I’ve inspected the icons and they all point to the correct Artifact names and the Artifacts exist in the Artifacts folder but don’t seem to display correctly.

The original server and new server have different locations for the Octopus folder, but the Configuration->Settings->Server Folders have the Artifacts Folder listed correctly.

I tried this on 2018.9.11 and upgraded both servers to 2018.11.0 and it is the same.

Any ideas ?


Edit: It would seem that most icons do show up, for some reason 30 or so do not, these being the first 30 tenants (we have a couple of hundred). I’ve checked some of these and the Artifacts do exist in the folder

Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch.

It sounds like you’re on the trail already, but for one of the tenants where this is failing, would you be able to go to the tenant’s Overview page and right-click > Inspect the element (where the image would typically show in the tenant’s left menu), then see what the image src attribute is resolving to?

This is the element we’re looking for (it should look something like this):

<img src="https://YOUR_OCTOPUS_SERVER/api/tenants/Tenants-1/logo?cb=Tenants-1-2019010311561946" alt="Logo" style="max-width: 6.25rem; max-height: 6.25rem;">

If you try and open this src value directly in your browser (E.g. https://YOUR_OCTOPUS_SERVER/api/tenants/Tenants-1/logo?cb=Tenants-1-2019010311561946) (hit refresh on it to be sure), does it render the image?

If so, we’re wondering if your browser may have been open on the tenants page and attempted to load the logos before the migration was complete, and has cached bad images. If so, you’d need to clear the cached images and hit refresh to see if that fixes it (hard refreshing alone won’t fix this, you need to specifically clear the browser’s image cache first).

If not, the value for cb= should correspond with a file in the ./Server/Artifacts folder on your new server. These files won’t have any file-extension, but you can typically drag them into a browser and it’ll realise it’s an image and display it.

If you try and open the file, does it correctly show your expected image? If not, it might indicate some corruption around those image files, in which case you’d need to re-upload the logos for those tenants.

Let me know how you go.