Manual Intervention comment variable is missing when no comment is added

In our deploy process we have a manual intervention step followed by an email step that includes (in the message body) any comments added in the manual intervention step. This works well except when there is no comment added - In this case I would expect the email body to be empty but instead it contains the name of the variable.

For example, i would expect this:


but the actual email content is

#{Octopus.Action[Check Site].Output.Manual.Notes}

I am guessing that if no comments are added the variable is never set, so Octopus doesn’t recognize it while processing the email step.

Hi ,

Thanks for getting in touch. You are right there, having the variable printed that way is not quite the expected result. Let me confirm with the team what we can do here and get back to you in shortly. In the meantime, adding a simple character should work as a workaround.




I’ve confirmed with the team that this is a bug that we’ll be fixing on Octopus 3.0. We should be setting that variable to a blank value.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.