Issue with Jira Integration

Hi Team,

I’m having the same issue as reported in below tickets. The integration is throwing error “Unable to get authentication token for Jira Connect App. Response code: Unauthorized”.

In below GitHub issue, it appears the issue was fixed in Connect App v1.3.0. But the instructions are not very clear to me.
I assumed what is required is to uninstall and reinstall “Octopus Deploy for Jira” app in Jira Cloud and configure it according to Connecting Jira Cloud and Octopus Deploy.
Unfortunately, the issue still persists. And notice the version is 1.0.3-AC.

Could I please know if I missed any step or can we have this issue revisited?


  • Octopus Deploy Server version: v2020.5.8
  • Jira Cloud


Hi Leonard,

Thanks for getting in touch! It’s interesting that your version is showing as 1.0.3-AC even after reinstalling.

If you haven’t read it already, could you go over our documentation on Connecting Jira Cloud and Octopus Deploy just to confirm you’re running through the steps correctly?

The response code ‘unauthorized’ could also point to something in the permissions - as you’ve already noticed in the other posts that you linked - could you confirm that the Octopus account you’re using here has high enough permissions?


Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I did follow every step on Connecting Jira Cloud and Octopus Deploy a couple of times before reporting the problem.

If you take a look at the GitHub issue link above, it appears to be a code issue rather than a permission problem. I can confirm, I’m a “System Administrator” and “Space Manager” in Octopus Server. And I’m a “Site Administrator” in Jira Could.

What’s interesting is, even though I still got the same error when test the connect app, our Octopus deployment information is been sent to Jira now. The integration seems to work. :confused:

If the integration sticks, I guess I’m OK to close the ticket for now.


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