Identifying rows/columns on Octopus Dashboard


We use Octopus dashboard in a Blue/Green infrastructure where we do a lot of switching between two similar environments. To distinguish them and provide a visual overview we developed a Chrome extension that highlights certain columns on the Octopus dashboard, so it’s easy to see which one is the active environment.

We first did it in Octopus 3.17.5 where the HTML is made up of tables, so we were able to traverse the table structure and identify certain columns based on their content and index value.

In Octopus 2018.10.5 we’re having some difficulties doing the same, since the layout is made up of div elements with absolute positioning. I tried to identify some pattern in the class names or attributes, but I’m currently unable to tell which div belongs to which row or column.

Do you have any suggestions or tips on how to tackle this issue?

Thank you.

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Hi Anton,

Thanks for getting in touch. I talked to some of the team who work more closely with the UI code in Octopus. The shift away from Bootstrap and towards material UI has had some side effects like this.

There are some further complications that you may not have hit yet too, the dashboard uses virtualisation for performance, which may interfere with trying to work with the divs.

Better built-in support around Blue/Green deployments is something we’ve been giving thought to for a while, but it hasn’t gotten to the top of the list yet. We are keen to hear exactly what our customers would want from that type of functionality, if you have the time we’d love to hear more about your scenario. There is also an open UserVoice suggestion that you might be able to add to?