I always need to publish nuget packages (atleast) twice

This could be related to the nuget feed but everytime I publish nuget packages (using the command line nuget app) it fails the download the first time. I publish them a second (or maybe third) time and it downloads fine.

I also get the “The contents of the package could not be verified” error sometimes when trying to deploy a package. If I create the nuget package again it normally works the second time.

Hi Stephen,

Steven Kuhn discovered a workaround for this which I’ve included in the latest build. Can you please install the new Octopus server from:

Note that you will need to make sure the Octopus windows service is stopped before uninstalling and installing the new version of Octopus.

Please let me know whether that helps,


I haven’t seen the problem so far after deploying the new version of the server.

Thanks for the help!