How to automatically give a team full rights to a project they created

The subject pretty much describes my question, but here’s the problem that brings it about in case you can think of another solution.

Our department is structured such that sprint teams own their projects from development to production, and the projects interact with each other and depend on each other to make the final product. As such, we have structured Octopus security so that everyone has rights to deploy any project to QA (but not edit settings), but team privileges to edit projects and deploy to Production are scoped by specific projects.

I want teams to be able to create new projects at will and start editing them right away, but I’m having to manually add their newly created project to their Team’s project scope. I’ve got the projects grouped according to team, but I can’t set security by project group (I’m aware of the suggestion on UserVoice and I’ve already voted for it :slight_smile: ). I don’t want to give them Team edit rights because then they can add whatever projects they want and deploy someone else’s project to Production.

How can I structure the security to accomplish this?


Thanks for getting in touch! The issue you have run into just does not have a current workaround due to the granularity of permissions.
If when a user creates a project, adding that project to their teams allowable projects means they should have team edit permissions - which you do not want in this case.
Adding something like a permission for ‘edit-my-own-team’ to allow this will be almost a band aid when the concept of project groups will be much stronger.
It is a great suggestion, and the gap you have found is a pain in the backside for a people in your position.

I know its crappy news, but I also remember these tickets and have a list of suggestions I will be proposing for development when we next get there.

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for the reply, even if it is bad news. Sometimes you’re just trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

I went to increase the number of votes for this feature and found you guys might need to de-duplicate your suggestions:

We’ll look forward to this feature being implemented.


Because I have the power, I have merged the suggestions - now there are 15 more votes :wink: