Force Tentacle to use Powershell 32-bit

When running a powershell script on the tentacle, by default it is running it in the 64-bit version. Is it possible to force the tentacle to run the script in the powershell 32-bit version?

The machine is a Win2008 R2 64-bit. I have tried installing the 32-bit tentacle version on this machine, but unfortunately this still invokes the powershell 64-bit.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for getting in touch! We simply call “powershell.exe”, as you would from the command line, which by default on an x64 system would be x64. There are some tricks here that you could use to run within a 32-bit context:

Hope that helps!


Thanks Paul, I have split the commands that I need to run on 32-bit into a separate powershell script and invoked the script by explicitly calling the 32-bit powershell.

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