Feature Request: More control over execution of ad-hoc script console tasks

Not entirely sure where this should go, so feel free to move it. (Also, appears I don’t have permissions to post anywhere else anyhow)

I’d like the ability to control how Octopus will run ad-hoc script tasks.

In particular:

  • The number of targets to execute over at once (1-N)
  • What to do about targets that are unreachable (Abort, Skip)
  • What to do when execution fails on a target (Abort, Prompt for action, Continue on the others)

We use Octopus as a handy proxy for running scripts across fleets of servers - it’s a ton faster than PSRemoting across WAN links and multiple domains. There’s a lot of scenarios where I just want to run a script across all the boxes that are up, and I don’t care if some are rebooting or unavailable at the time.

There’s other times where even if a script fails for some reason, I’d rather it continue to try on the other boxes.

Instead what happens today is that the moment there’s two failures for any reason, it aborts script execution.

Octopus Version: v2018.4.12