Excluding / including steps interface is clunky in 4x

The new 4x exclude interface isnt bad if you just want to skip one step but if you want to skip all but 2 or just want to run steps 3,4 12, 19 its just not as simple as the old interface. We average 25 steps per deployment for different ARM templates, scripts, code deployment, ect. When we are testing steps and other dev related stuff we are often running just a few related steps to speed up testing. The interface makes that much harder than it use to be.

Hi Tim

Thanks for keeping in touch, indeed we are getting a few similar feedbacks about this component and we are now working on it to make it better, here is the GitHub issue with the proposed solution, you can subscribe to it to get notification once it is done and released, https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/3972

Apology for any inconvenience causing by this issue