Deployment Step taking longer every deployment

We have several applications that seem to be taking longer very deploy when we push to production. Looking at the deployment logs, the overall deploy step takes a long time and seem to be inconsistent. Looking at the raw deployment logs and servers we aren’t seeing anything that would help explain the inconsistency. Can you help us troubleshoot or point us in the right direction of what to review?

Actually I suspect it might be an old script that we are using CheckWebSiteBindings inline script that is used to verify bindings before deploying - this was needed with OD 2.x. I’m wondering if that’s needed anymore with the latest LTS version of OD?

Hi Larry,

Thanks for getting in touch! Checking the website bindings is something Octopus has handled for quite some versions now. I think it should be safe to remove the custom script for handling this and letting Octopus take care of it. You should be able to see Octopus verifying the bindings in the deployment logs.

Let me know if removing this step resolves the performance issue.

If you have any further questions or issues with this at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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We figured out what this was - looks like the security folks added powershell logging to a network location which was causing delays. We’re still working team but with the GPO disabled we went from 15 min deployments to 43 seconds in our staged environment, lol.

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