Deploying to Azure Web App does not allow account selection

I am trying to deploy to Azure Web App. I created the account, but I would think that I need to tell the Deployment process which account to use (currently only 1 is available, though). On the newest Octo version I can not find where to select the account on the Azure Web App screen. On an older version of Octopus with multiple Azure accounts that we have on another server, I can select the Account.

So I thought maybe it would just know since there is only 1 account anyway on this instance. However, when I go to deploy I get “The machine DXC will not be deployed to because it is not an AzureWebApp target.”

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Maybe this is related? Can't access Azure Web Apps when creating a "Deploy an Azure Web App" step


Thanks for getting in touch. In 2018.5 we introduced PaaS targets, which included Azure targets. So this is the preferred way of modelling things.

So, if you go to the Infrastructure page you can create targets to represent your Web Apps, and you specify the account on the target. These get health checked, like a Tentacle would, and have a number of advantages over the older method.

That being said, we did put support for the old method back in due to demand. If you tick the “Enable Legacy Mode” option on the step you should find that the account selection re-appears.

Hope that helps


That was it, thanks so much!